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About Dr. Sage (Seiji) Sato DMD

Publications of Dr. Sage (Seiji) Sato DMD & Instructors of "Sage Lymph Care Method" 
The founder of Sage Lymph Care Method,
known as Zen Body Care now.


Dr. Sage(Seiji) Sato DMD was born in the city of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan in 1963. Upon graduation from Aichi Gakuin University, School of Dentistry, Oral Surgery Major, he worked as assistant in Department of Dental Anesthesiology, and then he proceeded to internship at Okazaki City Hospital ER Center.


After finishing his internship, he acquired a position at Inagaki Dental Clinic in Komaki City. Some years later, he established his own Tsukimi Dental Clinic in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture.


In Tsukimi Dental Clinic, he focuses his practice in treatment of TMJ and Periodontal Disease by balancing and improving the oral environment, which led to his concept of “care more than cure”. With this concept, he has been able to improve the conditions that were generally though to be incurable, by implementing non-invasive procedures.


As part of treatment for TMJ, he researched the procedure for releasing tension in Masseter (jaw muscle), which as a result lead to his discovery of the fact that simple exercise of mandibular joint improve the blood circulation of the whole head.


This procedure developed into Sage Lymph Care Method, and he has been teaching workshops throughout Japan with many dentists, body care therapists and spa technicians among his students.

 (contents from GOALS International Group website)

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