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About Miho Higuchi Lowe

" I'm 50+ and feel fabulous!

Your limits are all within yourself. "



Official Instructor

Self-Care Master, Sage Lymph Care Method (Zen Body Care)

Rainbow kids Yoga instructor

Early Childhood Educator

Facilitator of various methods of Meditation and sound healing

Medical Reiki third degree

Quantum Touch 

Soy Candle Maker

Instructor & Advanced Self-Care Master,
Zen Body Care (known as Sage Lymph Care Method in Japan)

Born and bred in Nagoya, Japan.

Living in Australia about 30 years, Married with one child.


Miho had worked for Japanese print media and advertising agent as a chief editor and a Manager, later became an early childhood educator after she had her own child.

She had looked after children with special needs and started researching ways to support under-developed children and their families.


Meanwhile an aneurysm was found in Miho's brain 10 year ago when she had a medical check overseas.

Instead of having an operation she decided to maintain her blood pressure low and discontinue intense exercise.  She has kept her blood pressure well controlled without medicine last 8 years.

She has been doing yoga and meditation for over 20 years and her health issues and general aging made her more curious about the human body, mind and general well beings.  She received qualification to become a Kids Yoga instructor in Sydney.

After she found out that her mother in Japan had hurt her neck, Miho researched gentle methods to ease her 80 years old mother's pain & numbness as well as light exercise for aged people, she discovered the Sage (Seiji) Lymph Care Method in Japan, known Zen Body Care Method overseas.

"More gentle and more relaxing, even better it works?!"

Miho tried Dr. Sage Sato's Method and she was over whelmed by her own result and her fellow learners.  Gentle relaxed movements are effective not only for elderly or people with less mobility, but they are beneficial for everybody!

​This simple method is going to turn the fitness world and its commonsense up side down. 


Miho went back to Japan few times and became a Self-Care Master to spread Sage Lymph Care Method in Australia and beyond.  She continued study and became an official instructor.

Miho says "If you don't do anything, aging may take over your youth but it's up to us. It's never too late to start!

I am 50+ and feel fabulous! Any one can feel like that. Sixties and sparkling, seventies and shining, eighties and exciting, nineties and naughty?!

Age fast or slow, it's our choice.  We can be whoever we want to be at any time.

Better later than never to learn this simple Self Care Method as your life long skill".


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