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What's special about Zen Body Care Method?
(Previously known as Dr. Sage Lymph Care Method)


The Sage Lymph Care Method 

(contents by GOALS International Group home page)

Sage Lymph Care Method (SLCM) was formulated through treatment for Temporamandibular Joint (TMJ) by Dr. Sage Sato DMD. This technique loosens up the body without pushing, pulling or applying any pressure to the muscles, and promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid within the system.

This method releases muscle tension with just a gentle touch and subtle movements which stabilizes the body dynamically because it balances the whole body as a structure of not only bones and muscles, but of oral cavity, chest cavity and abdominal cavity.

This is not only a cure for TMJ disorder, as it has also shown dramatic results in toning and lifting up facial features, much like in cosmetic therapy. Furthermore, by controlling the oral cavity, both chest and abdominal cavities are controlled, which as a result, lifts up the chest area, and tones the waist line.

Numerous positive reviews have been issued regarding SLCM in a variety of media, ranging from women’s magazines to health oriented publications to television appearances.

Why Self Care ? 


Prevention is better than cure!

We all know taking good care of our body is better than finding a cure after something has gone wrong.

What if our everyday action for health such as going to the gym or playing sports are not as effective as we thought?

In fact, having hard and stiff muscles does more harm than good.  All athletes muscles should be kept flexible and toned to avoid injuries and to ensure higher level of performance.

Dr. Sato's eye opening method involves using a gentle movement of muscles' milking motion which act as a pump to enhance the body's fluid circulation.


As a result oxygen and nutrients travel easily to individual cells throughout the body and boost cellular turn-over as well as detoxification.


Preventing stiff shoulders, back pain, bad posture, poor body circulation are just some of many benefits and you can improve general well-being in the most simple way.

Best of all it's gentle and easy.

It is not a diet or a sweaty work out.

No expensive tools or membership fee needed, no traveling to places.

Anyone (small children to the elderly) can do this, anywhere, any time.

You literally feel no pain but have a lot to gain! 

Try Miho's Self-Care session and you have life long skill and knowledge to take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

Miho has been teaching Self-Care of Sage Lymph Care Method (SLCM) as she truly believes "Prevention is better than cure" and "All living things big or small should have natural instinct to protect and heal themselves. We don't need complicated exercise or unnatural method".



The best things in life are often simple.

She has commenced teaching Self-Care of Sage Lymph Care Method first time to Japanese community in Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast.  She will continue to teach SLCM to English speaking community as well as Chinese and other language speakers in oceania. 


 "No pain, no gain?"

Try this innovative simple Body-Care method from Japan. 

Release muscle 

tension and boost up the flow of your body fluid by most gentle and effective way. 

Feel no pain and have a lot to gain!

Family & Small Group Peronal Session

Miho's session can be catered for your own needs.  


Posture alignment and relaxation for corporate groups,

Post natal body care for mums,

Prevention of injury for athletic kids,


Menopausal age ladies for achieving more youthful look and ease symptoms,


Any small group and private sessions are all welcome!


Let's feel good about who we are.


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